We offer you a drag & drop File Manager, offering a range of time and effort saving tools like a built–in picture viewer and an array of file writers. You can make fast uploads, archive/unarchive files, adjust permissions and much more. The tools are well–organized and easy to use with large action control keys and right–click context navigation. Take a look at the diverse apps and functions built–in the wedeyhost File Manager.

Drag ’n’ drop file upload options

Move files to your websites effortlessly

The File Manager in your Website Control Panel includes a swift, drag–and–drop functionality that can help you transfer files between your PC and your website hosting profile without having to use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) tool. You can easily drag files from your PC and drop them in your Website Control Panel with a click of the mouse by using a secure SSL connection.

The drag & drop feature is built into the Website Control Panel, which means you don’t need to set up any third–party application to take full advantage of it. It also works well on all leading Operating Systems, so all you should do to make use of it is sign in to your File Manager.

Hepsia File Manager

Right–click context menus

Control all files with just a mouse–click

A large number of File Managers list all the activities that one can perform with a file or directory on the top of the webpage. We believe this isn’t user–friendly enough. Thanks to the File Manager, you can access all file management options when you right–click a file or folder. This method is likewise valid for numerous files/folders.

It is possible to rename, copy, move, download, edit, preview, archive, unarchive and delete just about any file or folder you choose with simply a click of the mouse.

Hepsia File Manager

Archive/Unarchive files

Be in charge of archives with just a click of the mouse

The File Manager comes with a built in archive/unarchive option that can help you add substantial archives and extract them inside your account blazingly fast. Any time compressing a file or directory, it is possible to select the name for the archive which is to be created and its extension – .ZIP, .RAR or .TAR.GZ. In addition, you will be able to compress active files or folders with simply a mouse–click.

The archive/unarchive solution provided by the File Manager lets you make use of big files directly from your Website Control Panel. No need to employ any third–party software for example an FTP client in order to upload a big file onto your account or download an archive to your desktop.

Hepsia File Manager

Integrated file editors

Absolutely no third party applications are necessary

We have incorporated a group of file editors in the Website Control Panel to enable you to make quick and simple modifications to your files without needing to apply any third–party software packages. Inside the File Manager you can find a WYSIWYG editor that will help check all the current changes that you come up with immediately, a code editor which includes syntax emphasizing for your .PHP or .JS files, as well as a plain text editor for more experienced customers. Any changes that you make and save will be reflected quickly on the web.

You have access to the file editors making use of the buttons near the top of the file table and / or by right–clicking a given file/folder.

Hepsia File Manager